His Hand Home Health Care
517-256-3177 / 517-256-5724

Founded with Experienced and Dedicated Home Care Nurses

Our Services Cover all 3 counties (Clinton/Eaton/Ingham) areas in Michigan

24/7 Home Health Nursing (RN/LPN) Services (Under Physician's order)

Initial BSN/RN Complete Assessments & Consultations

Traumatic Brain Injury / Spinal Cord Injury : Vent, Trach, PEG tube, PICC etc

Chronic/ Acute Adult Care : Type I & II Diabetes, Heart disease, Renal disease, Arthritis, Muscular Skeleteal disease, Respiratory disease, COPD, Post-surgery, Post-delivery care, Rehabilitation care etc

We provide administer medication under physician's order, follow up, education and  case management for 24/7

Chronic/ Acute Pediatrics Care : Congenital Heart disease, Type I & II Diabetes, Renal disease, Respiratory disease, Asthma, COPD, Skin disease, Post-surgery, Post-discharge Neonatal etc

We provide  administer medication under physician's order, follow up, education for patients and family member and case management  for 24/7

24/7 Home Health Aides Services (Under 24/7 RN supervisory)

Personal Care Assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, grooming,foley cath and colostomy, skin care, medication reminders, oral care etc

Light Houskeeping Sweeping, washing dishes, laundry, trash removal etc

Meal Preparation From light snacks to full meals, grocery shopping etc
Companionship Reading, conversation, hobbies and activities, etc
Specialized Care Alzheimer's, Spinal Cord injury, Brain injury with nursing (RN/LPN) services

Healthcare Staffing Services

24/7 Provide qualified and screened nursing (RN& LPN) staffs to Long term care facility, Hospice care facility which has lacking in staff.